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ProH2O Water Leak Detection

World class water leak detection solutions from Thermocable

The ProH2O family – a range of unique world class water leak detection systems that are designed from the ground up to be simple to implement, reliable and effective.

Water leaks can cause a huge amount of damage and go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. The ability to provide early warning of leaks gives you the opportunity to act before a manageable problem becomes an emergency response.

Ensuring high value assets, data and property stay protected is a real concern for businesses and individuals. Yet, water is also becoming scarce in many places and preservation by reducing leaks is increasingly important. Governments and corporations are appealing to global industries to introduce water usage and water waste management processes in the challenge to reduce water footprints.

Through innovation and careful design we've developed a family of simple yet sophisticated water leak detection products and the key to them is a highly sensitive and rugged water leak detection cable allowing continuous area coverage.

ProH2O Module

The ProH2O Module integrates easily into existing systems. Compatible with any addressable zone monitor or conventional building management system. Small, extremely simple to install and very effective.

ProH2O Professional

The ProH2O Professional can be used as a standalone system or integrated into a building management system. A display shows the distance along the cable to where the leak has occurred, providing valuable information and helping to prevent costly damage.

ProH2O Remote

ProH2O Remote Monitored Linear Water Leak Detection provides instant notification of a water leak directly to the right person. The simplicity of installation makes water leak detection a cost effective option in any situation.

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